Natural Plant Growth Hormone Regulator Brassinosteroids Brassinolide Homobrassinolide | 24-Epi brassinolide | 28-Homo brassinolide

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Natural Plant Growth Hormone Regulator Brassinosteroids Brassinolide Homobrassinolide Brassinolide Functions and Applications:
1). Promoting growth, increasing yield, improving quality.
2). Increasing the percentage of fruit setting, promoting fruit 's

Natural Plant Growth Hormone Regulator Brassinosteroids Brassinolide Homobrassinolide 

24-Epi brassinolide | 28-Homo brassinolide

CBA can produce high quality of Brassinolide, the mainly TC and formulation we can produce are:
24-Epi brassinolide 90% TC
28-Homo brassinolide 90% TC 

24-Epi brassinolide 1% SP
28-Homo brassinolide 1% SP
24-Epi brassinolide 2% SP
28-Homo brassinolide 2% SP
24-Epi brassinolide 0.1% SP
28-Homo brassinolide 0.1% SP
24-Epi brassinolide 0.01% SP
28-Homo brassinolide 0.01% SP

About Brassinolide:
It was first discovered by American agricultural scientists in 1970, Brassinolide is recognized around the world as a high-efficient, broad spectrum, nontoxic plant growth regulator. Brassinolide is different from the single function of the known five hormones (auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid, ethylene), it has the comprehensive effect of gibberellin, cytokinin and auxin. Brassinolide can greatly balance the five endogenous hormones to promote growth, Provide auxin to stimulate growth when the plant needs rapid growth; Stimulate the plant to secrete rooting hormone when the plant needs rooting; and stimulate cell division when the plant needs cell division.It features high physiological activity with distinctive functions for plant growth, having wider application range. It is the only plant growth endogenous regulator with the highest activity, the best safety and the ability to degrade pesticide residues.

Functions and Applications:
1). Promoting growth, increasing yield, improving quality.
2). Increasing the percentage of fruit setting, promoting fruit 's enlarging.
3). Increasing burliness rate, increasing weigh of fruits per 1000 granules.
4). Improving the ability of cold resistance and drought resistance.
5). Improving the ability of disease resistance.
6). Regulating differentiation in issue culture.
7). Efficiently relieve harmful effect of pesticide, fungicides, herbcides.
8). Increasing activity and energy of seeds and germination percentage.
9). Effectively prolong the duration time of natural preservation and transportation of fruits, vegetables and flowers when applied 5-10days before harvest.

Brassinolide is a new kind of green plant growth regulator, which is treated with brassinolide immersing and stemming to spray leaf. It can promote the growth of vegetables, melons, fruits and other crops, improving the quality, increasing the yield, making color gorgeous, and making leaves thicker. It can also make the tea picking time in advance, and make the melons and fruits contain higher sugar, make the larger individual and the higher yield, and it’s more resistant to storage.
Brassinolide can be widely used in cereal crops, such as rice, wheat, potato, it generally increase production by about 10%; Applied to a variety of commercial crops, such as trees, vegetables, strawberries, melons, fruits, cotton and flax, flowers, etc., it generally increase the yield by 10-20%, it’s high up to 30%, and it can significantly improve the quality, increase sugar and fruit weight, increase flowers gorgeous. At the same time, it can also improve
The drought resistance and cold resistance of crops, and alleviate the symptoms of diseases and insect pests, drug damage, fertilizer damage and freezing damage suffered by crops.
It has multiple functions such as rooting, promoting growth, raising seedlings, strengthening seedlings, protecting seedlings, turning green leaves from yellow leaf disease, promoting fertilization, protecting flowers and fruits, promoting fruit growth and early maturity, alleviating diseases and drug damage, coordinating nutrition balance, drought and cold resistance, reducing pesticide residues in crops, and enhancing crop resistance. It has a remarkable first-aid effect on the phenomenon of dead seedling, rotted root, sudden collapse caused by repeated stubble, disease, drug damage and freezing damage. It’s suitable for cereal crops, commercial crops, vegetables and fruits, etc., promoting growth and increasing yield.
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