Agricultural Plant Growth Regulator Control of tobacco suckers Decyl alcohol CAS 112-30-1 N-decanol 69% 79% EC

Item No.: cbagro017
Decyl alcohol CAS 112-30-1 N-Decanol is a growth regulate with contact action for the control of Tobacco Sucker .

Product Description


N-decanol 69% 79% EC; Decyl alcohol CAS 112-30-1
1. A growth regulant with contact action for the control of tobacco sucker.
2. Lead time: 15 days.

N-decanol 69% 79% EC  

Product Description

N-decanol 69% EC is a  growth regulant with contact action for the control of tobacco suckers.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT:  C10 (n-decanol)  690 g/l.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only as directed.


  •  Do not mix with other chemicals. 
  •  Do not apply to plants recently treated with insecticides and herbicides. 

  • Top the tobacco plants when they are in early flowering stage.  
  • Immediately remove any suckers over 20 mm in length by hand.
  • Apply DECANOL EC before the suckers have reached a length of 20 mm.  
  • Ensure that the tobacco plants are in an upright position thus allowing the diluted emulsion to flow evenly down the stalk to come into contact with every sucker in each of the leaf axils. 
  • Apply the solution as soon as possible, after the above steps have been taken, preferably within two days.  
  • Do not apply if the plants are wet due to rain or dew.  Wait for plants to dry before treating.  Rainfall within two hours of application will reduce the effectiveness. 
  • Do not apply in the middle of the day in very hot weather when temperatures exceed 30 °C, as leaf scorching may occur.  
  • Do not apply to wilted plants. 
  • Injury may occur if the solution is applied to the underside of the leaf, thus leaves must be turned over before application.  
  • Stop application by knapsack sprayer if the wind speed exceeds 15 km per hour. 

Method of application: 
  • Add the required amount of DECANOL EC to your spray tank and then add the water to prepare the diluted emulsion.  
  • In order to obtain the best results, it is important that the water be added to the DECANOL EC rather than the DECANOL EC to the water. 
  • DECANOL EC may be applied either by means of a knapsack sprayer using a coarse solid cone nozzle, held about 15 to 20 cm above the top of the leaves of the plant, or by hand pouring the material onto the stems of the plant. 
  • A coarse spray is recommended.  Where a knapsack sprayer is used, a low pressure of 100 to 150 kPa is maintained and the lance is held over the plant, long enough to allow the diluted emulsion to run down to the base of the plant to ensure contact with all the suckers.  Excess material will not damage the plant, but is wasted.
  • The alternative method of hand pouring may be done either by using a container, which applies 10 to 15 ml or by using a bottle fitted with a copper tube designed to give the correct amount, or by a dosing gun.

 Application rates: 

  • DECANOL EC should be diluted at the rate of 1 part of DECANOL EC to 24 parts of water.
  • Depending on the size of the plants, apply 10 to 15 ml of this mixture per plant. 
  • If the mixture is allowed to stand for an extended period of time, the diluted emulsion may separate.  It is therefore advisable to prepare the mixture prior to application.
  • Stir well to ensure good blending. 

Quantity of mixture per plant  

Quantity for 1000 plants:
Concentrate  Total volume of mixture 
10 ml      400 ml  10 ml     
12.5 ml  500 ml  12.5 ml 
15 ml  600 ml  15 ml 

DECANOL EC should give good sucker control for at least 3 weeks with a single application.  Since the treated suckers do not grow vigorously, a single hand suckering after treatment should suffice.  (A second hand suckering may be necessary to remove any suckers passed over).