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Gibberellic acid (GA3) mainly used to Promote cell-division, elongation, flower bud differentiation, enhance photosynthesis, stimulate growth.
Our CBA factory can produce below Tech & Formulations :
GA3 90% TC, GA3 80% SP, GA3 40% WDG; GA3 40% SP, GA3

Gibberellic acid GA3 90% TC powder Plant Growth Regulator 

Gibberellic acid (GA3) mainly used to Promote cell-division, elongation, flower bud differentiation, enhance photosynthesis, stimulate growth. Our CBA factory can produce below Tech & Formulations : GA3 90% TC, GA3 80% SP, GA3 40% WDG; GA3 40% SP, GA3 20% SP, GA3 10% SP, GA3 20% TB, GA3 10% TB, GA3 2% SL, GA3 0.5% SL

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Role and Benefits:
Gibberellic acid is a broad spectrum of low toxicity plant growth regulator.

Function introduction:

(I) Promote stem elongation growth
Gibberellic acid the most significant physiological effect is to promote the growth of plants, mainly it can promote cell elongation. Gibberellic acid promote growth and has the following characteristics:
1. Gibberellic acid deal whole plants growth, it significantly promote the growth of plant stems, especially varieties of dwarf mutant effect is particularly evident. But gibberellic acid elongation in vitro stem segments no significant role in promoting the growth of small and IAA on the whole plant, but then cut off the stems elongate body has a significant role in promoting. Gibberellic acid to promote the elongation of dwarf plants is due to the source gibberellic acid biosynthesis blocked the dwarf species, making the body gibberellic acid content lower than normal varieties of sake.

2. For step growth, gibberellic acid mainly promote some internodes elongation become longer, rather than increased the number of sections.

3. Even higher than the best application concentration, it also can’t inhibition growth, still show the greatest effect of the promotion, the promotion of auxin which has an optimum concentration in the case of plant growth is significantly different.

4. Different plant species and varieties of gibberellic acid reaction is very different from the use of gibberellic acid in vegetables (celery, lettuce, leeks), pasture, crops such as tea and ramie, get high yield.
(II) Induce flowering
Some higher plants flower bud differentiation is affected by day length (photoperiod) and temperature effects. For example, for a biennial plant, requires a certain number of days of cold treatment (is vernalization) to bloom, but not otherwise exhibit bolting, flowering rosette growth. If these plants without vernalization applying gibberellic acid, not by low temperature process is also able to induce flowering, and the effect is obvious. In addition, it can replace the long-day induction of flowering plants in some long days, but gibberellic acid on short-day plants flower bud differentiation without promoting differentiation for plant flower buds already, gibberellic acid to its open flower has significant promoting effect. Such as gibberellic acid can promote stevia, cycads and Cupressaceae, Taxodiaceae flowering plants.
(III) Break dormancy
With 2 ~ 3μg · g gibberellic acid treatment dormant potato can make it germinate quickly, which can meet the needs of growing potatoes several times a year. The need light to germinate seeds need low temperatures, such as lettuce seeds, tobacco, basil, plum and apple, etc., gibberellic acid can replace the light and low temperatures to break dormancy, it is because gibberellic acid can induce α- amylase, synthesis of proteases and other hydrolytic enzymes catalyze the degradation of seed storage material for embryo growth and development needs. In the beer manufacturing industry, with gibberellic acid treatment without germinating barley seed germination, can induce α- amylase production, saccharification process accelerated during brewing and lower respiratory sprout consumption, thereby reducing costs.
(IV) Promote male differentiation
For dioecious flowering plants of the same strain after treatment with gibberellic acid, increasing the proportion of male flowers; For female plants dioecious plants, such as treatment with gibberellic acid, also prescribe male. In this respect the effect of auxin and gibberellic acid and ethylene opposite.
(V) Other physiological effects
Gibberellic acid can also strengthen the effect of IAA on nutrient mobilization and promoting certain plants and fruit parthenocarpy, delay leaf senescence. In addition, gibberellic acid also can promote cell division and differentiation, gibberellic acid to promote cell division is due to the shortening of the G1 and S phase. But gibberellic acid inhibited the formation of adventitious roots but which auxin are different.

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